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Reduce Stress                       Run Faster                       Get Stronger                           Sleep Better                    Eliminate Pain

Movement is the language of the brain, bring attention to function and move better!

Bodywork and Recovery Strategies

Restoration and intention are at the core of every session that I give. The human condition is to distract ourselves from stress and tension, we don't have to live this way.

Honor yourself by integrating quality bodywork into your routine to maintain your optimal mobility, pain free, and peaceful self. Every visit we get you moving and feeling better and building on the last session.

By prioritizing your recovery with my cutting edge  approach your daily movements and athletic performance will significantly improve.


Bodywork is such an important part of connecting to self and to bring awareness to your body.

My bodywork strategies focus on the global approach to your tissue restrictions, each session is customized to your individual needs.

Breathe Easy Wellness LLC

3345 N. Arlington Heights Rd Ste L

Arlington Hts, IL 60004

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