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Our company was created by Emily Hoff, born and raised in Arlington Heights, IL. Since walking on her dad's back as a child, her passion has only grown from helping clients with mild pain and tension, chronic flare ups to correcting over use injuries and trauma imbalances.

Emily graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2008 as a Licensed Massage Therapist, completed two certifications in Fascial Stretch Therapy through Stretch to Win in 2020, is currently enrolled to complete the final certification in May 2022, as well as courses in medical massage, is a certified RockDoc in injury and performance kinesio taping through Rock Tape, certified in Cupping and Level 1 certification from Precision Nutrition.

Having worked in traditional massage settings, chiropractor office and wellness clubs... Over the years of seeing how medicine and surgery has covered up a lot of the pain caused by posture, ignored trauma and daily habits...conditioning people to thinking this is the best long-term treatment she eventually realized so much of this can be preventable, she wanted to share her concept with clients who felt the same way about health and wellness.


Proving the benefits of preventative health through massage, fascial stretch, and nutrition with her clients are the most worthwhile experiences she's had. Giving them their power back to live life happy and healthy and committing to a lifestyle of wellbeing and longevity.

Restoring their physical integrity and showing clients, from chronic pain to elite athletes, how good their body is designed to feel, has inspired Emily to pioneer the wellness industry with her own bodywork and recovery center.



Educating clients about the benefits of preventative care and showing them the value of regular recovery treatments to work toward their vision of health. Breathe Easy is passionate about working with clients to achieve the best treatment and meet their health and wellness goals. It's what we look forward to daily!


To show our community how important putting your physical and mental health above all else is the key to your success. Integrating your self-care practice into your routine; rather than a 'treat' day, so you always have inner peace and self-awareness.  Handling each day as your best self.

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