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What to Expect

During your booking call, we listen to your needs and share the strategy we think will work best for you, ask as many questions as you need. Transparency is the best way to communicate and that's what you'll get! With this work you should never be in pain, we want you to be as comfortable as possible, so we can work to get the best result.

Booking and Policies

  • At the time of booking a 20% deposit via Zelle, Venmo or Credit card* are required.

  • Full payment at time of booking is acceptable if you're comfortable.

  • Send your 2 intake forms back before your session, this will be emailed to you at the time of your booking

  • Plan for your success, if you're not it pain, book a week or so out, sessions the week of are rare. If it is an acute problem we will do our best to find time for you, always ask!

  • Payment for the remainder of your session is due 24 hrs prior to your appointment time.

  • Any cancellation made with less that 24 hrs notice of your appointment time will result in a forfeit of that session. 100% of the rate is expected.

  • *All card payment will include a 5% surcharge



These are professional services, gratuity is not expected, however, if you insist we won't say no twice!

We appreciate every client that walks in the door

Upon Arrival

  • Arrive for your session clean in comfortable stretchy clothing and clean socks.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes early and remove your shoes at the door.

  • Take a deep breathe and embrace your recovery session.

  • Share everything you're noticing during your session, this helps you and your therapist understand your needs more.  

*The body needs time to adjust to receiving this work, please do not plan any intense physical strain after your first session.

*It takes time and trust for your body to allow access to deeper tissues, during your session, focus on your breathe and allow your body to move freely.

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